We asked some of the previous Ϻ Economics Taster participants about their experience. Here's what they said!

Are there any particular skills that you feel the Taster Series has helped you to develop?

  • The series helped to develop greater analytical skills into policies and experiments that usually within school you would take at face value, now understanding behavioural issues and complexities at a deeper level.
  • A general overview of what the course entails and an understanding of the different skills required to succeed in the subject.
  • Thinking critically about unfamiliar problems.
  • Being able to make clear links in economics. Analytical skills.
  • Exploring specific areas of economics in more detail, further reading.
  • My ability to think further beyond just what I learn through school.Independence.
  • Thinking about human behaviour
  • Using maths in models
  • The Taster Series was very effective in not only developing my academic skills but it also helped me to better understand what Cambridge teaching would be like. The use of mathematical and economic models was a recurring topic throughout and allowed me to visualise more of what economists do and use in order to understand economies and societies at a macro and micro perspective. 
  • Going to the visit helped me be more articulate when speaking to other people about things in Economics that interested me or that I had read about.

What did you find the most suprising during the series?

  • the speed yet depth and clarity of the talks were new to me
  • Attending a Cambridge course, I think I had a level of not feeling good enough (imposters syndrome). It was very surprising to see how normal everyone was, and that it was just a group of people who were passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.
  • Being in an environment where everybody was passionate and confident to speak about their subject.
  • The range of difficulty in the sessions, some were simpler to me eg the behavioural economics, compared to the complexity of some of the graphs and models we explored with the lecturers
  • How interactive the series was, as there were constantly questions for us to think and to make sure we understood the concept being taught
  • The range of topics you can create an economic model for and how much a basic model can be developed into something much more sophisticated and realistic.
  • The range of topic covered by the field of economics, I felt I knew this to some extent previously but these sessions further re-enforced the breadth of the field.
  • The different aspects that there are to economics and how they link together through the main economic theories.
  • The complexity and depth of the topics discussed.

What did you enjoy most?

  • It was refreshing to be introduced to concepts that are taught at undergraduate especially those that combine mathematics and economics.
  • I enjoyed the breath of the course, from social and behavioural thought experiments, to the mathematical applications within economics that are not seen within the Alevel syllabus. This helped to broaden my perspective of what an economics degree can develop, especially from an analytical perspective.
  • The day at Ϻ also shone a true light on life as a Cambridge student, which gave a great insight into the amazing city of Cambridge.
  • Being taught by a variety of people from the college who all specialise in different areas of economics.
  • Interacting with fellow students and lecturers who are passionate about the same subject as I am, and engaging in those stimulating conversations.
  • Learning the way how we analyse in economics and how mathematics plays a key role in our modelling within economics.
  • I loved the really welcoming and friendly atmosphere! Students and staff alike were enthusiastic to answer any queries I had when I visited in person, and on zoom the lecturers were extremely passionate and engaging.
  • I enjoyed being able to use my current knowledge and then develop it and adapt it ,e.g. when looking at economic models.
  • I enjoyed learning from people who knew far more about a subject than me. I felt all the speakers were extremely well informed on their area and importantly passionate about it. This meant they could provide sessions which were both compelling and informative.

How did you find the visit day?

  • The the visit day was very enjoyable and useful, as it was specialised to a single subject
  • I highly recommend the visit day if you want to get the most out of the series as the online sessions are really a warm up to the visit and I felt so much more confident about applying for Economics after attending. Also we met one of the College cats!!
  • I liked meeting new people who did the same subject taster series as I did and talking with them about what we're interested in within Economics and also talking with them about other random things too.
  • I loved attending the visit day because it's the first time I've felt like I understand what studying Economics at Cambridge would really be like, and I feel so much more prepared for applying now. I'm so glad I attended, as I live a long way from Cambridge - it was 100% worth the effort!
  • It was really interesting and enjoyable looking around the College grounds.
  • The visit helped Ϻ College seem more accessible and made me feel more confident in applying to Cambridge.
  • The day was great, the weather was amazing and shone a light on what the city of Cambridge has to offer. I felt that the timings and structure of the course on Tuesday worked well with exploring other parts of the city, and I would definitely recommend it to others. Plus the food was great, and so was the guided tour.
  • My tour guide was really helpful l so I enjoyed her perspective and hearing viewpoints on the College and studying Economics.

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