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If you have applied for Architecture or Design, we ask you to send us a pdf file containing examples of your own artwork. We ask you to send this before interview selection. Please read the information on this page carefully to ensure that you understand what is needed.

Questions about late artwork? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us.

What are the requirements for your artwork pdf?

The file that you send to us must be

  • a pdf file (no other kind of file is accepted)
  • 6 pages long
  • less than 15MB in size
  • made up of A4 pdf pages

We cannot consider electronic files that do not meet these four requirements.

We do not need a coversheet for the artwork pdf, but it is essential that you name the pdf correctly (see below).

This requirement to send us artwork electronically at this stage in the process comes in addition to the request for you to show a portfolio if you are invited for interview.

How to select the images to include

When selecting the work that you include, please bear in mind that we don’t expect the images to be architectural in nature (such as plans or sections). Instead, we want to see something that illustrates your interests, experience and ability in the visual and material arts.

The basis of the work you show should be drawing and painting work, but you can also include other media such as sculpture, installation, or photography. We would like to see ongoing drawings in any media (pencil, charcoal, crayon) showing a variety of subject matter. This can be material you’ve prepared for school-leaving exams or creative work you’ve done outside of school.

As the work will be sent as a pdf, you will need to take photos of any 3D work or paintings. Your pdf should not just be a compilation of work: it’s a creative piece that showcases your ability to communicate your ideas, so think carefully about the best possible way you can present it to us. The selection of images should, in part, reflect material you might show as part of your portfolio if you are invited for interview.

Preparing to send: how to name and check your artwork pdf

Drawing board on a picnic bench in front of the Stevenson building in Third court
Anna's profile as an Architecture student

STEP 1: Please make one pdf file of your work. The size should not exceed15MB. If you need help with scanning, we recommend that you ask a friend or relative who has a scanner, ask your school, or use CamScanner (an app which enables you to use your phone as a scanner).

STEP 2:Please save your pdf on acomputer with the following file name:

6 - Subject -FAMILY NAME First name - artwork pdf - UCAS Personal ID (as a number with no dashes)

Here's an example:for the fictional Alisha Patel applying for Architecture with UCAS Personal ID 1590182993, the file name would be

  • 6 - Architecture - PATEL Alisha - artwork pdf - 1590182993

Note that there is a space before and after each hyphen, and that there is a number at the beginning.

STEP 3: Once saved, please open the pdf to carry out a check. We recommend that you scroll all the way through, checking that

  • all the pages are there
  • the pages are in order
  • all of your images are visible
  • the file size is not more than 15MB.

STEP 4: The arrangements for sending your 6-page artwork pdf are different to those for other subjects that require written work. For Architecture and Design, the upload form below enables you to send your 6-page artwork pdf to us.

Please ensure that you see the screen confirming that your form has been received safely at the end.

Thank you for your help in uploading your artwork following our instructions - it helps us to process everything as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Artwork pdf deadline

The deadline is 2 November (23:59 UK time),although if you're ready, you can upload your artwork any time after you have sent your UCAS application as long as it is before 2 November.

You won't be able to change your artwork pdf once you have uploaded it. So if you think that you may produce further artwork that you will want to include before the 2 November deadline, please consider waiting until closer to the deadline before you upload your artwork.

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