Male student at bar with FantaSome of our international students first come to the UK for sixth form studies (to do A levels in the UK) or to do a foundation programme at a UK university. In this case you will already be studying in the UK when you make your application to Ϻ.

Choosing a UK School

We do not offer A level courses at Cambridge, nor do we offer foundation programmes for international students, so you must do your own research (we cannot recommend particular schools etc).

  • If you are enrolling on A level courses, these normally last two years. Please check which subjects are needed for the course you plan to apply for at Cambridge before choosing your A level subjects. We recommend reading:
    • the
    • the applying section of the relevant Ϻ subject page (check the subject requirements). 
  • Another option is to take the International Baccalaureate.
    • The Higher Level courses and be used to meet subject requirements so see the applying section of the relevant Ϻ subject page before finalising your Higher Level subjects
    • If a course requires A level Maths then please take Maths Analysis and Approaches at Higher Level.
  • If you are thinking of doing a foundation course, please read the information carefully and check the suitability of your course. We do not accept Foundation Programmes for maths and sciences courses at Cambridge. 

Applying to Ϻ from a UK school or university

When reading the how to apply page, students who are studying in the UK should note that:

  • It is likely that you will need to send a , which you would upload via the My Cambridge Application Form like UK and EU students do. The deadline is usually 22 October (18:00 UK time)
  • Please ensure that the address for correspondence (or mailing address) given in your UCAS application is your postal address in the UK. You can also give a "home address", which is where you put your permanent address outside the UK.
  • If you are doing a foundation programme, there is further information on the page about applying from a university.

There's a difference between the application process and your fee status

Sometimes students at UK boarding schools are confused about how they are classed.

  • In application terms, you apply as a UK student does, following the same process that other students at your school follow if they are from the UK pretty much (see above).
  • If we make you an offer, it will be an international offer (i.e. we will confirm international fee status in your offer letter).

The two things are completely separate, so it is possible to apply as a student in the UK, but to have international fee status.

Support from Cambridge

Whilst you are studying in the UK, you can attend any Cambridge University events that other UK students are eligible for so do keep an eye on our open days, tours and webinars. We also invite you to register for our international webinar as some aspects of the discussion will be relevant to you.

There is no need to pay a company to help you - all of the information you need for a strong application is freely available directly from the university. Please be aware that commercial companies may try to 'sell' you advice and training.

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