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My name is Kerri Shannon and music feeds my soul. My music career started at age

5 when I first learned how to play piano. After a few years tapping my fingers on the

ivories, I decided to start singing and I was hooked! Around age 12 years I started

singing in karaoke competitions, from there I was accepted into vocal jazz in high

school. Throughout high school I competed in many jazz competitions and this led

me to getting accepted to college, I started out studying jazz however I took a detour

and opted to a career in phlebotomy. That has lead me to a day job I love, serving

patients at Lifelabs.


After a brief hiatus from music, a band named Time – an epic and diverse group of

musicians paying tribute to Pink Floyd, picked me up. I did back up vocals for many

years with Time and loved playing to sold out venues all over Vancouver Island.

While in Time I decided to try out for a local production, “A Closer Walk with Patsy

Cline” and I landed the lead role as Patsy!

When Time took a break we decided to form a new band, My Generation where we

pay tribute to the many amazing artists that played at Woodstock. I am currently

still singing with this band and love paying tribute to Janice Joplin and Grace Slick as

well as backups.

I have had many amazing highlights to my career so far, including 9 sold out shows

with my run as Patsy Cline, playing at almost all the theatres on Vancouver island

with both Time and My Generation, and just generally being apart of these bands

has been an amazing growing experience for me. I have learned so much just being

around all of these talented musicians.

Many artists have influenced me over the years because of all the genres I have been

fortunate to sing in. This diversity has influenced my style of singing into many

areas, just to name a few favorites; Doris Day, Etta James, Linda Ronstandt, Patsy

Cline, Fleetwood Mac, Cher, Bob Marley, and Led Zepplin. These artists have all

influenced me in some way with there amazing eclectic styles.

In the last couple years I have learned how to play the ukulele, which has branched

me into writing music… which brings me to my latest project. I am currently

embarking on a solo project with two amazing musicians; Jim Kraneveldt and Graham White. Our friendship and respect for our individual andcollective artistry has us writing relevant, soulful and creative music that captures

our synergies. Our band, The Kerri Tales is a collaborative effort of all original music

that offers glimpse into our life journeys set to interesting lyrics and incredible


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