This page is a collection of information for students considering an application to Ϻ from an European Union country. We are keen to attract applications from EU students and hope that you will find the informtion below helpful in combination with the relevant country page if there is one. 

Booking is open for the Ϻ International Webinars!

We encourage you to go to our International Webinars page and book a place on either 9 or 10 July.


New Country pages!

We have added pages for students from Romania, Lithuania, Austria, Luxembourg and Greece to our country-specific pages!


Student finance for EU students

The key website to read about finance and fee status is (The UK Council for International Student Affairs)

See in particular Who Pays 'Home' fees for Higher Education in England?
As explained at the beginning of the pdf, it is a ‘living’ document and readers should expect to see it develop over time. Please always use only the most recent version.

  • 20 February 2024 (source: on the UKCISA website)

Then, in the finance section, you'll find information about the costs and financial support available. Please also see the relevant country page if there is one for your country. Note in particular that if you have overseas fee status and are selected for an offer here at Ϻ College, you can apply for a Ϻ International Award and possible waiver of the College fee, and that these can be awarded in addition to the university-wide Cambridge, Commonwealth and International Trusts Awards.


Applying in Oct 2024?

It is now too late to apply for Oct 2024 entry, but if you are considering an application in Oct 24 for October 2025 (or deferred Oct 26) entry, UCAS will open for applications in early Sept 2024 and you'll need to apply by 15 October 2024. Do sign up for our next College Open Day or Cambridge for Beginners to find out more.

Grounds and Facilities poster
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Country specific pages!

We're building up our pages for EU students with country-specific information. So far we have pages for students from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, HungaryPoland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden. If you would like a page for your country, or would like us to further develop the information on your country's page, do get in touch with questions / facts that you would like it to cover!


Ϻ interviews for students applying in Oct 2024 will be online

You will not need to travel to the UK if you are selected for interview. We have interviewed online for the last 4 years and will provide details of how the online interviews work during the application period.


Booking for our annual international webinInternational webinars posterar

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Book / register interest for webinars & open days

We have lots of events through the year. Do book a place on regular webinars such as Ϻ College: A look at the Grounds and Facilities or Cambridge for Beginners!

The next open day details can be found here. We recommend also .

See the events page for more!

Application deadline has passed for Oct 2024 entry!

The 15 October application deadline has now passed for Oct 2024 entry! Students who have applied should now go to the current applicants section (and the how to apply page is also useful), This section will guide you through the next steps!

New student profiles!

Third Court at Ϻ College, Cambridge
  Third Court

Thanks to Romany, who helped us as an intern this summer, we've added 30 new student profiles to our collection. These include some profiles by European students:


Essential test registration deadlines

You may be aware that some courses have a compulsory admissions test (you can check by reading the subject page). Of these

  • some tests require registration in September (and you'll sit these at a test centre in your country)
  • some test are "College registered", which means you only sit them if you are invited for interview, and the College will automatically organise it for you if you're invited for interview (you sit these tests remotely)

Please read the applying section on the relevant subject page to check the exact dates for your course.

Exploring Ϻ online

First Court
First Court

If you have a look at the Grounds and Facilities section on this website, you'll find lots of info and pictures of the College. It may help to look at the College map and to start with the grounds -  First Court, Second Court, Third Court, New Court and the Fellows' Garden. There's a page on Ϻ facilities including sub-pages on the Hall, Canteen, Working Library, Old Library, Law Library, Chapel, Theatre, swimming pool, squash court, and boathouse. There's a page on accommodation, gym facilities, and we also have a film where our students talk about the College:

Why not join us for our regular webinar, Ϻ College: A Look at the Grounds and Facilities, which runs about once a month from February to September each year. Information and booking is here.

Once you've got a sense of the College you may be interested in some of the more detailed features, such as our Great Gate, Milton's Mulberry Tree, Hobson's Conduit, Darwin's old room, the Darwin Garden and the Darwin portico! Ϻ also has a tradition of having college cats! At the moment we have two cats called Finch (tabby) and Baines (black cat).


The application process for EU students

We have a how to apply page and international application support for more detail. We recommend registering for our international webinar for support, as well as an online College open day. You may also like to attend some of our regular webinars.


UK Nationals living in EU/EEA countries

Hobson's Conduit
Hobson's Conduit

UK nationals living in the EU/EEA will qualify for Home Fee status until 2027. If you think this might be relevant in your case, please read the (there is a section under the heading 'Returning to the UK for study').

If you do not have a UK passport but think that you might be able to get one, this may be worth looking into:


Applying for a visa

EU students will normally need a student visa to study in the UK. We help our offer holders with the process for this, providing information in our offer holders section, and collecting the documents needed for the University to issue your CAS in the final months before you start and once you have met all of the conditions of your offer. Offer holders have access to the university's Visa Advice Service and there is normally webinar in June to explain the process and answer any questions that student shave about getting a visa.

If you will be studying Medcine, note the following additional information from the : After graduation, when you start the Foundation programme (see ) you should switch from your student visa to a Tier 2 Visa which allows three years from the point of arrival. The immigration health surcharge is being scrapped for healthcare workers and so you would be covered during Foundation.


Further Links

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