Students talking at stand.
    A couple of stands at Ϻ Freshers' Fair

The easiest way to find out about activities you can get involved in is to attend the Freshers' Fairs in your first few days in Cambridge.

You will be able to attend two events:

  • The Ϻ Freshers Fair takes place in College and is organised by the College student union. You can find out about Ϻ College societies and sports clubs. This fair normally takes place in your first few days.
  • The big university-wide Freshers' Fair is organised by Cambridge Student's Union. This event is huge and normally takes place over two days in a sports hall (plus some overflow rooms and outdoor areas!) towards the end of your first week at Cambridge. There is a programme to help you find stands that you particularly want to visit.
CUSU Freshers Fair
  University-wide Freshers' Fair

At a Freshers Fair, each society or sports club has a stand so that you can go and chat with students who do the activity, find out more and sign up if you want to.

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"This is a great opportunity to try out something you’ve never done before, as there’s a really large variety of societies."

Erin (Medicine)